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Our company specialises in providing sales appointments & leads to service providers.

"Prospects are usually warm when we meet them which makes the whole process so easy. It's also amazing to have a sales person just focus on sales and not lead generation because it maximises their results and helps us make money."

Experience growth at scale

Does your business offer services to other businesses? Just imagine getting qualified appointments with potential customers that want to hear more about the services which YOU offer. Wouldn’t that be a total game-changer? We will call hundreds of businesses and find those that are interested in what you do and schedule appointments for you to call back or visit in person to explain how your services work and see if it’s a fit for their business. We’ll even send them text and email reminders to reduce no shows.

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Only invest in results

We only charge you for the appointments we can generate for you. If a prospect cancels, we will replace that lead for free.​

Minimise your workload

We will find qualified people who are interested in hearing about what you have to offer. You or your sales team can call them back or meet with them in person and close the deal. You can also go see them in person.

Tasks automated

Everything from scheduling with the right calendar system, to automated texts and e-mails to remind your prospects of your appointments. This reduces no shows.​


You want to contact potential customers by yourself? No problem!

Get FREE 25 qualified leads for your business!

In today’s time, every B2B (business to business) company needs more sales.
If your company requires quality leads in order to sell your product or service, Leadsies can help you with that!
We will provide you with FREE 25 qualified leads for your business.
We are different from all of the “leads generation” applications. Every lead that we provide is an active & running business.
If you want to buy a larger amount of leads, we offer different packages based on Your needs. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Choose the perfect appointment package

Leadsies appointment packages start as low as $19 per appointment when you buy 100,
$29 per appointment when you buy 50,
and $39 per appointment when you buy 10.
All prices are in USD


Per appointment when you buy 100


Per appointment when you buy 50


Per appointment when you buy 10


Frequently asked questions

Our sales representatives will call hundreds of businesses who may be interested in what you are offering and ask them if they’d be interested in a free demo of what you’re offering. Those who say yes, will be called back or visited by you or your sales person!

We will schedule them and send them texts and emails to remind them of your appointment with them.

We work with your availability and only book in appointments for you or your team when it’s convenient for you.

If the prospect cancels, we will replace that appointment for free! 

Leadsies is an appointment generating company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide our service to New Zealand, Australia, The UK, Canada, and the USA.

what OTHER companies say ABOUT US

"We've gotten over 100 interests in what we do in about 3 weeks! The salesperson loved it and said it was as easy as selling bananas."
"This system has made us tens of thousands of dollars in profits."

Who are we?

Our company specialises in providing sales appointments & leads to service providers.